Stay Grounded During School

I’ve been beyond overwhwhelmed with school yesterday. There is so much pressure to do well that sometimes I feel guilty doing anything other than studying. On top of homework and tests, there’s the ACT and college applications. I feel like I’m drowning. I’m losing myself under this monstrous pile of work. These are a few of the things that have helped dig me out of that place and get back to whats really going on inside my body and mind.… Read More Stay Grounded During School

Moments from the Lake

“Arrowhead this weekend?” is a text I get quite often. My best friend has a little isolated cabin in the woods, just a five minute drive from Lake Arrowhead.I’ve been going here since I was little, but since we’ve been going up with groups of friends I’ve experienced so many more beautiful experiences. Here are a few of these moments captured by the camera and the story behind them.… Read More Moments from the Lake